Board Leadership Position Descriptions


Are you interested in being part of the Greater Kansas City PRSA chapter leadership team? Board positions change each year, and board term service is on a one year commitment. Below are volunteer post descriptions to help you understand what each position is responsible for in the chapter. If you would like to be considered for one of the leadership positions or to be on a committee that supports these teams, please contact

Chapter President
The President is responsible for providing the chapter with strategic/budgetary oversight, chapter & profession marketing, and chapter fundraising as needed. The President also shall preside at all meetings of the Chapter and of the Board of Directors, serve as official chapter spokesperson and ex-officio member of all committees. The President reports quarterly in writing to the membership, and shall perform all other duties incumbent to the office.

The President-elect is responsible for chapter and profession marketing, as well as chapter fundraising, in coordination with the President. The President-elect also substitutes as necessary for the President and serves as chair of the chapter’s long-range planning

Immediate Past President
Provides continued support to the board and shares knowledge gained during presidential term. Serves as the chapter’s organizational liaison with PRSA national and other organizations, such as the PRSA Midwest District, as directed by the president. Assists with the chapter’s board training and candidate recruitment efforts in conjunction with the president-elect. Chairs the chapter’s board nominating committee, and in even-numbered years, serves as chair of the chapter bylaws committee. Serves as a chapter’s PRSA Leadership Assembly delegate. Required attendance for monthly board meetings. Required attendance for monthly PRSA Midwest District conference calls. Attendance at the PRSA Leadership Assembly in October. Additional time may be required for special projects assigned by president.

Vice President, Member Relations
The vice president of member relations serves as the go-to contact person for chapter members, and assists members with access to the chapter website. In addition, this position coordinates online registration for events, connects members to career services and answers general questions. This position also responsible for the following:

  • Developing relationships with current members
  • Adding new members to StarChapter (the chapter's website provider)
  • Sending welcome email to new members and invite them to upcoming chapter events
  • Maintaining membership section of Star Chapter
  • Contacting expired members and inviting them to rejoin
  • Meet with Senior Vice President of people
Vice President, Operations

Responsible for providing board coordination and service as needed and addresses chapter operational issues as directed by the President and board. Keeps records of all meetings of the Chapter and of the Board of Directors, issues notices of all such meetings, coordinates meeting locations and conference call needs, maintains records of meeting attendance, maintains archives, sends copies of the minutes of all Chapter Board meetings to the district chairman and to the national officer of PRSA, and perform all other duties customarily pertaining to the office. Also performs other duties as directed by president including supporting other Board members.

Vice President, Recruitment
The Vice President for Recruitment leads the chapter’s efforts to grow its membership. This is managed by contacting individuals who inquire about the chapter, as well as through targeted messages via e-mail and social media. The VPR, who reports to the Senior Vice President – People, works with the Vice President – Member Relations and the Vice President – Communications, to get these messages out. The position provides monthly reports to the board on recruitment efforts, as well as provides updates from membership reports provided by PRSA. The positions requires a time commitment of about five hours per month, which includes attending a monthly board meeting and monthly professional development and/or networking events. 

  • Work with VP-Professional Development and other board members to schedule possible recruitment/networking/social events (maybe once every four months), either in place of or in addition to the monthly PD luncheons
  • Target recent college graduates as well as current college students (possibly through the public relations faculty at KC region colleges/universities) about membership, especially around the time of the PRSSA Day
  • Develop a referral/incentive program to have current GKC-PRSA members assist in recruiting new chapter members
  • Connect with former GKC-PRSA members, especially whose memberships have recently lapsed, to encourage them to update membership, reinforcing the value of PRSA membership
  • Prepare messages for e-mail and social media when PRSA is running promotions for new memberships
  • Follow up with potential members who have expressed interest in joining and/or those who attend GKC-PRSA events

Vice President, Professional Development
The vice president professional development develops and provides meaningful and rewarding activities geared to professional and life-stage needs of chapter members, prospects and like-minded communications professionals in the Kansas City area. This position is responsible for the following: 

  • Development of a monthly professional development calendar consisting of breakfast, luncheon or happy hour events
  • Appointment (with approval of the President) of committee members to serve as liaisons for professional development events
  • Podcasting of relevant speaker podcasting during professional development events
  • Regular updates to the Kansas City Clubs United online Google Calendar to ensure there is no overlapping of event dates
  • Coordination of the annual #PRSSAKC Summit (formerly PRSSA Day)
  • Promotion of any national PRSA webinars or online training designed for local membership.
  • Coordinate communications to membership via social media and email blasts with the Vice president of communications and PR
  • Status reports to board members at monthly leadership meetings
  • Quarterly meetings with the GKC PRSA Senior vice president of ideas

Vice President, Finance 
The Vice President of Finance oversees the chapter’s accounts receivable and payable, as well as financial monitoring and consultation to the board in support of chapter goals. The Vice President-Finance shall prepare the Chapter's budget, make regular financial reports to the Board of Directors, render an annual financial statement to the Chapter membership and perform all other duties incident to the office as outlined in the GKC PRSA Treasurer's Role and Responsibilities document dated April 2003.

Assistant Vice President, Finance 
The Assistant Vice President of Finance assists the VP, Fianance with overseeing the chapter’s accounts receivable and payable, as well as financial monitoring and consultation to the board in support of chapter goals. This position also assits with the Chapter's budget, regular financial reports to the Board of Directors, rendering an annual financial statement to the Chapter membership and performing all other duties incident to the office as outlined in the GKC PRSA Treasurer's Role and Responsibilities document dated April 2003. The AVP, Finance will become the VP, Finance at the start of the new year.

Vice President, Social Media
The vice president communications develops and implements strategies to develop and disperse information related to chapter news and events, national PRSA updates and industry information to chapter members, prospects, students and communications professionals in the Kansas City area. This position is responsible for the following: 

  • Development of social media strategy across Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter and blog.
  • Tweets three times per day, engages accordingly – retweets, responses, follow up to conversations, creates lists, etc.
  • Creates Facebook events and posts related to upcoming KC PRSA activities, as well as creating discussions related to national PR trends.
  • Creates blog posts and solicits guest posts.
  • Live tweets at every professional development, happy hour or annual KC PRSA event.
  • Manages LinkedIn group – only allowing current KC PRSA members to participate in group.
  • Alerts regional PRSSA chapters of upcoming KC PRSA events across social media platforms.
  • Appointment (with approval of the president) of committee members to serve as liaisons for social media content development.
  • Coordinate with all board members to promote various aspects of the chapter via social media.
  • Status reports to board members at monthly leadership meetings.
  • This position has a time commitment ranging from 10-15 hours per week.

Vice President, Professional Standards
The Vice President of Professional Standards oversees the chapter’s Accreditation in PR and Ethics-related programming and services, develops and implements new programs for elevating professional practices and standards, as well as appoints (with approval of the President) chairs of assigned committees and reports committee activities at each Board of Directors meeting.

Senior Vice President, People
The Senior Vice President of People facilitates helping members create, build and maintain successful, professionally rewarding relationships with the profession, colleagues and chapter. The Senior Vice President-People identifies and provides resources designed to increase the value and success of efforts undertaken by the Vice Presidents of Recruitment and Member Relations.

Vice President, Job Opportunities
The Vice President-Job Opportunities develops and implements programs designed to improve the likelihood of members advancing professionally through promotion and greater job responsibilities in their own organizations or through lateral or upward job moves to other organizations.

Vice President, Business Opportunities
The Vice President- Business Opportunities develops and implements educational programs designed to improve the ability of members to seek out and secure new business for
themselves and/or their organizations.

Vice President, Communications
The Vice President of PR/Marketing communicates to current and potential members about any and all chapter and national happenings. This person also works closely with other board members to update the website or send out communications relevant to their areas.

This position is responsible for the following: 

  • Update chapter website (ongoing)
  • Create and distribute newsletter (once a month)
  • Event email blasts (2-3 times a month)
  • Work closely with VP of Communications (ongoing)

Vice Presidents, PRISM

The VPs- PRISM co-chair the Greater Kansas City's PRSA annual PRISM Awards. From planning the event and after-party, to organizing the judging of the chapter's award entries, to working with the VP -Business Opportunities to secure sponsorships, the VPs-PRISM lead the entire effort behind this awards banquet and fundraiser. They lead a PRISM committee throughout the awards year.

Vice President, Mentorship
The VP- Mentorship has the responsibility to manage the PRSA Kansas City mentorship program, Project Mentor. This will involve:

• Working across disciplines to promote Project Mentor to the chapter membership

• Manage the selection and pairing process

• Serve as advisor to manage any questions or concerns from mentorship pairs

• Continually work to improve and develop program

• Other duties as assigned