Nov. 2015: International Conference

Several of our friends are sharing lessons learned at the International Conference in Atlanta. Follow the #PRSAicon conversation here, or check out GKC-PRSA on Twitter and Facebook, where we're sharing President Andy DiOrio's videos from Atlanta as well as other insights.

As the 2015 PRSA International Conference comes to a close, we highlight our final tangible takeaways gleaned from several of the featured speakers. From shifting your thought process while pitching, to three boxes to check from a customer loyalty perspective, to what not to do when trying a livestreaming service for the first time, members can take these tips and begin implementing immediately.


In this video, we're proud to feature an exclusive clip just for GKC-PRSA from Rebekah Iliff, Chief Strategy Officer for AirPR, based in San Francisco, Calif.  Filmed at the 2015 PRSA International Conference, Rebekah tells GKC-PRSA members how to be "the signal" instead of being lost in the noise, how to make an impact whether it be for a client or for your own brand, and the idea of flipping the traditional theory and target your PR pitches toward a "channel," instead of just a "publication." Enjoy!



2015 Midwest District Conference

Jessica Ford, GKC-PRSA's PRISMS Co-chair, shares the spotlight at the 2015 Midwest District Conference in St. Louis, Mo. Featured speaker Mary Palu, EVP-Connections Strategy at Bailey Lauerman, talks about the value today of "T-People." View the video to learn what makes up the "stem" and the "crossbar," and how that really sets you apart as a PR pro. For more conference highlights, follow@GKCPRSA@PRSA_MDC and #PRSAMDC on Twitter.


Morgan Schaeffer, GKC-PRSA's VP-Business Opportunities, provides an update from under the Arch at the 2015 Midwest District Conference in St. Louis, Mo. Today's takeaway comes from guest speaker and author Fred Cook: Break your mold every day; try, read, or do something different. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will expose you to new things and help enhance your communications career. For more conference highlights, follow @GKCPRSA@PRSA_MDC and#PRSAMDC on Twitter.


In this update from St. Louis, our chapter VP-Member Relations, Jessica Bjorgaard, gives a recap from the 2015 Midwest District Conference and some initial topics the chapter will be sharing with its members. For more conference highlights, follow@GKCPRSA@PRSA_MDC and #PRSAMDC on Twitter.