Get Involved

Yes, it's still summer, but we are starting the nomination process early to make sure we are ready for 2020. Everyone will be blown away by the things we have planned for next year. Trust us, you WANT to be part of it. 

Here is some great insight on getting involved
from Debra Peterson, APR, PRSA National Chair and GKC-PRSA Member
1.    Engagement is key. The more I got involved and started getting to know other members, the more fun I had. Chapter events were so much more interesting and fulfilling when I got to see others I knew as a result of volunteering.
2.    Each person can make a difference. While serving as our chapter president, I was immensely grateful for those volunteers who stepped up and delivered. To this day, I appreciate those who are willing to serve PRSA and help us advance the profession and the professional.

Need more info? Reach out here: [email protected]