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GKC-PRSA Mentorship Program

Project Mentor

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The objective of Project Mentor is to provide Greater Kansas City PRSA members the opportunity to engage in a unique one-on-one mentoring relationship with a fellow PRSA member in order to share knowledge and expertise while building a trusted and meaningful relationship.

Project Mentor is a year-long program and only available to GKC-PRSA members. Mentors and mentees are matched based on similar work experience and interests.

A mentor is a public relations professional with industry experience who demonstrates a passion for counseling and guiding other professionals along their career paths.

Mentees demonstrate commitment to the profession and willingness to learn and engage with their peers.

Becoming a Mentor or Mentee
Interested participants can email Brian Schneweis, VP of Mentorship, at to be matched with a mentor or mentee. Please provide where you are currently working or attending school, your industry, areas of interest, your phone number and email, and whether you are interested in being a mentor or a mentee.

Select a track
We recognize that our members’ needs may vary depending on where they find themselves in their career paths, so we have provided three different tracks from which participants can choose:

• Track one – New professional (1-5 years) matched with students
• Track two – Senior professional (10+ years) matched with mid-level professional (5-10 years)
• Track three – mid-level professional (5-10 years) matched with new professional (1-5 years)

Participant Roles & Responsibilities

• Meet with mentee at least once per month, or a mutually agreed upon schedule
• Provide expertise and guidance to mentee
• Provide feedback to PRSA regarding program

• Arrange at least one meeting per month with mentor, or a mutually agreed upon schedule
• Attend Project Mentor group sessions
• Provide content and questions for discussion with mentor
• Provide feedback to PRSA regarding program

GKC-PRSA Roles & Responsibilities
• Promote Project Mentor
• Select participants

For more information or to sign up for Project Mentor, contact:

Sheba Clarke
VP - Mentorship