As PRSA celebrates APR Month, the GKC-PRSA chapter celebrates our rich history of supporting the APR program. Since 1997*, dozens of colleagues have achieved the prestigious accredited in public relations (APR) credential through the GKC-PRSA chapter. Today, 30% of our members are APR. 
Here’s what our current board members have to say about achieving APR:
"Earning my APR was one of the best things I could have done for myself related to my career. As communication professionals, it is so important to understand the concepts and strategy of good communication plans. I am thankful for those who surrounded me and encouraged me to earn my APR. The process of earning the accreditation helped me broaden my knowledge and skills in strategic communications. I use those skills every day. If you are thinking about earning your APR, reach out to me. I will tell you all about my experience." 
-- Celeste Burks, APR GKC-PRSA VP, Membership 
“Since my formal education is not in public relations, it was extremely important to me to earn my APR for a couple of reasons. Going through the process to learn the history, principles and foundation of PR provided background information in a field I was already working in, and boosted my confidence as a practitioner by learning standard practice.” 
-- Erin Barnham, APR, GKC-PRSA Treasurer 
"As a public relations practitioner in higher education, I firmly believe in the benefits and power of lifelong learning. Helping others achieve their educational goals has been, for me, the foundation for a rewarding career. In earning and maintaining my APR, I believe I’m walking the walk by making a commitment to continue my own professional and personal learning and growth." 
-- Katherine Frohoff, APR, MBA, GKC-PRSA VP, Student Relations
“Accreditation for me meant having a more structured approach when talking to leadership or clients. Everyone talks about being more strategic but before going through the APR program, I could never get anyone to tell me what that means. Or, I'd get a dozen different answers. Now, I can confidently define it and articulate it myself along with what it truly means within a relevant framework of planning effectively.” 
-- Norita Taylor, APR, GKC-PRSA VP, Mentoring; GKC-PRSA President, 2018-2019
*1997 is the first year National PRSA kept electronic records. The chapter is compiling our list pre-1997. Please contact Lea-Ann Germinder, APR Fellow PRSA at [email protected] if you were accredited before 1996. We want you on our 60th Anniversary list!