Darius Lane, GKC-PRSA Member and Scholarship Committee Member

Darius Lane, GKC-PRSA Member and Scholarship Committee Member

I have the distinct privilege of serving on the committee for the Inez Kaiser endowment fund for the Greater Kansas City chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. 

I don’t use the word ‘privilege’ lightly. To be Black. To serve as a public relations practitioner. To represent Kansas City — an area with such a rich, cultural impact that’s omnipresent. These are all attributes I now find myself to share in company with Mrs. Kaiser.

The honor alone is humbling. Yet, I treat this assignment in the highest regard, as if each day I lend to this committee has to stand trial in front of Mrs. Kaiser herself and earn her approbation. That’s what it means to me to work in her lofty memory. 

But, I’m here now. It’s no longer about my own accomplishments. The real focus is the GKC-PRSA scholarship program and what it means to future PR pros of color and their respective contributions to the industry. It’s about our renewed commitment to diversity and inclusion.

We’re looking to help unearth and cultivate the next generation of Inez Kaiser’s. As our society evolves, diversity of thought and experience will be crucial to pair with fundamental strategies and tactics required of a skilled PR professional. Organizations nationwide will need this next crop of PR professionals to manage increasingly complicated discussions that brands of all sizes and industries will have to navigate, internally and externally.

As a chapter, we are resolute towards this aim. As a committee, we will lead this effort to help financially support college undergraduates in the general KC vicinity on their journey. As a black man, it is my duty to ensure their voices are heard more loudly and effortlessly than those who preceded them. This is our path forward to a better tomorrow. 

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