Roger Yarrington PR Pro of the Year

Our chapter has been fortunate to have such a wealth of PR talent in the Kansas City Metro area, and each fall we name one of those individuals as the chapter's Roger Yarrington PR Pro of the Year at our annual PRISMS Awards Gala for exemplifying the following characteristics:

• Demonstrates superior professional character;
• Exhibits exemplary professional achievement;
• Creates a positive impact on the communications profession, in the lives of professionals, and on organizations;
• Contributes his/her time and talents to the community; and
• Has earned the respect of peers, co-workers and clients.

 Roger Yarrington PR Pro of the Year Winners

2018 Lydia Steinberg
2017 Laurie Roberts
2016 Tom Heapes, APR
2015 David Eaheart, APR
2014 Michael Grimaldi
2013 Lorell R. LaBoube
2012 Renee Robinson, APR
2011 Debra Peterson, APR
2010 Elizabeth "Betsey" Solberg
2009 Jacqueline Clark, APR, Fellow PRSA
2008 Melissa Sturges, APR
2007 Michael DeMent, APR
2006 Bob Inderman
2005 Larry Wheeler
2004 Roshann Parris
2003 Steve Doyal
2002 Suze Parker, APR
2001 Sherlyn Manson
2000 Dean Davison, APR
1999 Bill Musgrave
1998 Chip Rouse, APR
1997 Becky Blades, APR
1996 Eric Morgenstern, APR, Fellow PRSA
1995 John Gilbert
1994 Reg Rowe, APR
1993 Michael R. Swenson
1992 Janet Smith, APR
1991 Dr. Roger Yarrington, APR, Fellow PRSA
1990 David Westbrook
1989 Shirley Quastler, APR
1988 Not Awarded
1987 Don Landes, APR
1986 Brook Poirer
1985 Beverly Norman, APR